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Blue Dot Readi-Mix offers Truckast to streamline the process with mobile ordering and tracking.
Contact your Blue Dot sales rep for more information. The video below will navigate you through the ordering process. Here are a few reasons why we recommend Truckast.


Gain transparent and trustworthy information instantaneously.


Access real-time information

Reduce anxiety with instant reliable information

Create mutual clear accountability for delivered orders


Improve crew utilization and job management.


Decrease down-time and delays at the project site

Improve job communication, planning and utilization

Instantly access organized and complete job information


Track your trucks and chat with sales or dispatch at any time.


Access real-time order to job visibility, from batch to pour out

Plan with newly accurate truck and order arrival information

Decreased down time, delays and job site stress


Place orders without wasting time with phone calls.


Improve ordering, reordering and job organization

Reduce time spent waiting on hold and redundant follow-up calls

Utilize 24/7 ordering and order review

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